Lava Slim Keypad Mobile Review

One of the more interesting features offered with Lava Slim Keypad Mobile is the fact that it will be able to double as a phone. So if you are on the road and need to make a call, you will not be concerned about having a data plan. However, if you use it as a mobile phone then it can actually work for both. Below are the features which make this model of cellular phone worth looking into.

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The keypad: This phone comes equipped with one-touch swipe function allowing you to dial anywhere in the world without having to keep typing. It is also one of the newest phones to have an illuminated keyboard.

Media Controls: You can use this phone to listen to your music on it has media controls. There is also a clock feature built into the keypad.

WiFi: This model of phone also features WiFi, which can be useful if you travel a lot. Since there is no data plan, it is good for the phone to be compatible with WiFi. If you have a computer, this feature will allow you to surf the internet at all times.

Camera: The camera on this model is not as good as some other phones but it does the job well. In general it is not as good as the ones you see on smartphones but it is good enough to take a decent picture of your child at the park.

Touch Screen: It comes with a touch screen that is well suited for older children who do not learn how to use this feature until much later. Older children do not need as much touch screen and therefore do not need it as much.

Keys are both easy to use and are secure. They are completely invisible when on, making them easier to use.

Keypad and phone software compatibility: If you were to choose a keypad model then you would likely find this feature useful. With the Lava Slim Keypad Mobile, you can purchase the software necessary to send SMS and text messages, and this will allow you to use this device when traveling. You can also download an application to keep track of your family and personal information when away from home.

Features like these make this a worthwhile model for a mobile phone. It is a durable and affordable phone.

Lava Slim Keypad Mobile will cost around $50. As mentioned above, the price is not necessarily indicative of quality. The Lava Slim Keypad Mobile will have many great features.

What makes this a model for the skinny and thin teens and fat kids? It is simple. They make a great phone and keep you within the safe boundaries of the world.

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