How Much Can a TATA Sky Hd Recording Box Set You Back?

tata sky hd recording box price

The Tata Sky Hd Recording Box is a great investment for your HDTV's. Although, there are many other HD-recording boxes available in the market but only the Tata Sky Hd Recording Box comes with features that a lot of users love.

First of all, the storage capacity of the box is truly amazing. More storage capacity means more room to put all your movies, music, and games. There is no doubt that a good looking box would attract a lot of customers but you will not be able to buy it in big numbers if the box does not have enough storage capacity.

Besides, the design of the box is really innovative. In the past, most boxes were built in a very basic way, that is, it just had one door which is made out of metal or glass and the cable connections were built through holes on the box sides.

But, now we have a new box that was recently introduced called the Flat Panel Box which has all the connections being integrated into the box so there is no need to buy any adapters. This new system has really revolutionized the recording system and the box is now very functional and user friendly.

It has a transparent side panel that allows easy viewing of all the important ports and cables. Now, instead of having only one door which you would open to let the box outside, you can also open the whole box using the screen that is built inside the box.

Also, the front panel has been designed in such a way that it can display images from up to six TVs simultaneously. This makes it possible to record videos from one computer and then to send it to up to 6 TVs simultaneously.

The storage capacity of the TATA Sky Hd Box can also be expanded by adding another HDD. At this point, this box has become a real time recorder, allowing the user to store data from one computer directly into the recorded movie files without any problems.

Even though this box is a good choice, there are some features which the TATA Sky Hd Recording Box will not work for. For example, it is not able to store music or videos from Windows Media Center.

This means that you will have to add this drive to your TAS HD recorder from other drives installed in the TAS HD. This also means that if you have a second computer, you will have to buy another drive for this purpose.

Another feature that this box will not work for is the remote control. The remote is now integrated with the recording system, so it is not compatible anymore with the older remote controls.

The best way to get the best price on this box is to go online and browse the various prices offered by different sellers. As the market is flooded with the box, the last price that you should expect will always be a bit high.

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