Forgot About the O2I? Don't Miss Out!

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Your story about the Internet O2I's (Offer Extend) has made us wonder whether all telecom companies have done the same. This question is quite obviously a result of the new Internet O2I which requires no physical connections and can be accessed from any location. That's right.

Till the time this text was written, the only major way to get coverage is by getting your hands on an O2I as part of an existing contract with a telco. In fact, it's hard to find a customer who hasn't tried to sign up for this free plan or one who hasn't got turned down after reading through the offer extended online. The question arises however, if you can get more freebies from other telcos by opting out.

This turns out to be easier than you think. The offer in question includes data usage, text messages and some use of mobile phone towers. The software used here has a feature called Aggregation and it allows companies to use a pre-determined formula to combine and send out the freebies more quickly. This software also allows companies to send the free offers even when you are not at home.

To avoid signing up for the O2I, the mobile service providers have come up with what they call a "waiting list" that lets you download the O2I without using your own mobile phone. The waiting list allows users to download the O2I without leaving their homes. The waiting list is strictly for registered users who don't have the capability to download the O2I by themselves.

At this point, I must inform you that your presence on the waiting list will not ensure your success in accessing the freebie offered by the Telecom giants like O2I and Jio. There is no freebie available for registered users on the waiting list.

However, the availability of a Jio waiting list makes your freebie much easier to grab. Signing up for Jio isn't difficult; in fact, it's just a matter of getting on the waiting list. What is different is that you will be able to download the O2I for free even while you are away from your computer. You'll be able to access the O2I in any situation, wherever you are.

Remember, you are not signing up for the O2I only because you want a free Jio SIM. Your presence on the waiting list is only to make the Jio SIM freely available to your friends and family members.

In fact, the Jio team has uploaded the waiting list onto its website along with the information provided to invite John Counter. Remember, this waiting list is only to encourage subscribers to sign up for the Jio services and is not compulsory.

The wait list is available to be signed up on the website of Jio. After signing up, you will be able to download the SIM card through the Jio website. Then, you are required to give your mobile number to the Jio partner and then you're good to go.

Once you get on the waiting list, you should expect to get some extra benefits such as some free Jio chat calls, which would help you stay connected with friends and family members who also sign up for the same O2I. On top of that, some free Jio Mobile Phones is also available on the waiting list. With these two features, the O2I is definitely worth exploring.

All you need to do is visit the website and enter your payment details. When you're satisfied with the terms, you can opt out and pay for the offer extended through the website.

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